Body comes first

Do not take too seriously (or receive life changing advice from) any person who does not take care of his or her body’s main needs (all of them !) : eating well, doing energizing and calming sports, sleeping well, living in nurturing spaces, doing nurturing activities and with nurturing people.

We spend our days running after « adult » priorities, not having time to do these things as if they were secondary, while that poor choice impacts the quality of anything we do and the directions we take. Our first duty in life is fulfilling our nature, and taking care of life’s biggest gift to our soul.

Our thoughts and actions follow our body, which acts like a receiver and transmitter of life. If it got “blurry” (with bad food, and a blocked wheel of energy, impacting our hormones, all organs and brain), it will get the messages wrong from its environment and also deliver poorly.

Performance = potential – interferences

That is why your body is the reflection of your mind’s potential at the present moment. If you want to get somewhere with your life, your relationships or projects, first, start with meeting the needs of your « inside ».  I dare you to show me a negative person in a fulfilled body. I don’t believe that species exist. :p

Here is a list of key questions with which anyone can start improving his/her quality of life, before focusing on other challenges, building a family or business strategies:

  • What do you eat every day?
  • Do you move your body frequently (and gently) enough to keep the energy clean and the wheel turning at a peaceful and lively natural rhythm?
  • What do you consume as types of conversations and content? What activities do you do? Are they really good for you? Do they help you progress in life, learn new and useful things, balance yourself and nourish your soul?
  • In what kinds of spaces do you live? Are they tidy and well decorated (from your own perspective)? Warm and spacious? Do they reflect your ways of loving life? What kinds of moods, actions and thoughts do they motivate in you?
  • Do you get to spend time in nature at least once or twice a week, filling your lungs with doubtless clean air and pleasant natural fragrances?
  • Do you have enough quality alone times? Do you have enough quality times with friends and family? Do you do things that make you truly laugh out loud?
  • Do you have meaningful and deep relationships? Do you really know how to listen? Do your 2 closest and favourite people really listen to all you have to say with unconditional love?
  • Do you have room for flexibility and cancelling the stuff you don’t feel like doing in your daily schedules?

Your answers to these questions will indicate to you in which areas you need to learn new knowledge or skills, and what priority changes you need to do in your lifestyle. Note down the to-do list, and pick the most fun and easiest thing to do and start from there. Do maximum one change per week, and make sure you make it a long lasting and nurturing habit. If you have many ideas, writhe them down, so you don’t try to do all at once in fear of forgetting. Doing too much is the enemy of stable evolution. It’s your ego monster wanting to eat all gratifications at once. 🙂 Do not become a lifestyle perfectionist. It will kill all the fun out. Love your body as it is today, and take care of it as if it were your child, with affection and understanding. Don’t compare yourself to others or aim at a physical appearance goal. You’ll be happy day after day with the changes anyway.

Your main criteria is how you feel about anything at a given moment. If something feels wrong, don’t hesitate: than it is wrong as it is right now for you. Trust yourself ! You are always right about yourself ! Just stop what you were doing (bearing), and give yourself space until you feel peace and joy again.

But whatever you do : do not trust your thoughts and feelings before you clean and activate your body (or leave unquestioned the advices of anyone with a questionable life balance).

Your truths are behind the clouds of your improvable habits.

Once you’e there, than we can talk about your life goals.


Have a great day, have a great now, and go drink some water ! ;))

Nesem Ertan

Coach & Strategist


Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash
I picked this photo because I saw him looking at his future with love, breathing clean air, and a healthy color of skin. That man buts be undergoing positive changes in his life ! Right ? 🙂


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  1. shortstory4ever dit :

    Beautifully Expressed


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