What is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and how can it make me happy ?

In order to achieve any goal, you must believe it is possible, that it will be positive and constructive for you and that you deserve it.

I want to find love, to connect better with others, to have more fun, to attract abundance into my life, to find a job that makes sense and fulfills me…

This means you need to know precisely what you want and you need to make sure you… really want it. If there are any hidden doubts or blocks in your subconscious, CBT can help you transcend it. When you feel like you have done everything you can to achieve something, but it seems like nothing pays back, you probably have some inner locks to undo.

Just as a computer program, your mind is a system. What you were exposed to and what you experienced throughout childhood and life have developed your beliefs, your way of analyzing things, your thoughts and the ways in which you generally respond or react to situations.

Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy focuses on revealing the “laws” your brain obeys to today.

By observing what seems to nurture (ex : music, yoga, science..) and what seems to limit your life (ex : what people think, perfectionism, etc..), it is possible to decrypt what kind of “an app” you are. 😉 This way, you can update yourself ! With your own will, you can train your mind to think and behave in positive and constructive ways.

For instance, if you subconsciously believe “money drives people mad”, you may keep telling everyone that you need to make more of it, but deep inside you are afraid of attracting more wealth. You subconsciously chose to be a “good but poor person”. As soon as you can bring these patterns to light, you get the opportunity of understanding why no matter what you do, some areas of your life seem to stay blocked, and to transcend them. Oftentimes, we self-sabotage without even knowing it.

Our emotions show us how we need to behave to protect our life balance and growth. The wounds or mis-interpretations of our past may misguide us. We can, through therapy and coaching, find the limiting beliefs and replace them with fresh and “useful” ones.

If you believe “more money = more consumption = end of the world”, this hidden fear/guilt may limit you for a long time ! Is there no way money can be used for good ? Can you find any great muses who have done so ? Yes, you can. 😉

If you believe “artists get addicted to drugs and die young”, you may never pursue the creative path which makes your heart sing. I have a long list of seniors who can prove that belief wrong.

It is in each person’s reach to find the beliefs which puts air under their wings.

If you are interested in “updating” your personal programs to free your potential for abundance and fulfillment, you may contact me for coaching : nesem@worlds.studio.



Nesem Ertan / RNCP certified coach

Online coaching – or face to face if in Luxembourg

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