Abundance Design

Be You so we can be Us.

I coach creatives and leaders to find and express their most empowered and organic truths in their projects.

There can be enough of everything for everyone if we free Nature’s invisible hand.

I truly believe this.

Companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and all the project and community leaders out there play an important role in shaping the systems of our world.

I developed a coaching methodology in order to become one of their co-pilots on the path towards positive change. Our systems need to evolve in a specific direction if we want to prosper individually and together, if we want to balance our ecosystems and heal our planet.

What is Nature’s invisible hand ?

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Adam Smith talked about this concept suggesting that markets would always end up self-balancing supply and demand. While our economic systems rarely seem to find optimal balance, Nature evolved for millions of years on our planet and developed an invisible hand : an intelligent biological ability to evolve, reinvent and balance itself. 

Every life form is guided by their senses and genetic instincts towards that which is compatible and complementary with them. That’s how each life form being free to live it’s optimal truth serves the greater good. Be You so we can be Us.

Each time we “lie” or mask the truths, something goes wrong.

Just think of how processed food makes it impossible for us to trust our senses and instinct to guide us towards the right nutrients. The same problems happen when a child is forced to study subjects their body and neurons are not naturally attracted towards. We lose our ways and start harming ourselves and our Home.

When companies try to produce whatever “will sell the most” instead of designing what we naturally need and love, we also disturb local and global Balance. 

It’s our right and urgent responsibility to re-learn how to be True, and of course free and responsible members of our society.

With our technologies and our dysfunctional social norms and hyped up lifestyles we blurred the signals of our compasses. 

This first decade of my professional career has allowed me to work as a thinker and facilitator with multiple hats : Strategic Planning, Content and Communication Insights, Design Thinking, Systemic Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Coaching, Positive Psychology, Ecopsychology.

By mixing up these colors on my palette, I developed my own methodology to coach entrepreneurs and leaders to become what I like to call Abundance Designers.

One key formula guides my Abundance Designer’s Roadmap : 

Need + Love = Envision = Make = Connect

If you want to empower and embody your Truth through your projects (and find your place in this multi-player Life Game 😉, contact me for an information session : ertan.nesem@gmail.com

Nesem Ertan // RNCP certified coach & author