Co-Design for good

A few good reasons for us to meet :

  • You have an experience to improve and are looking for solutions (which can take any form)
  • You are launching your business and need to design your brand, to communicate the meaning and value you create optimally and attract the right people
  • Your team needs to define a common powerful vision / identity 

 Through coaching, training or facilitation – I will help you define the insight to overcome and a smart objective to reach, and lead your research and creativity steps optimally until a useful POC can be developed, tested and improved.

All human projects have an impact on our world. I believe we are all responsible for taking care of challenges we know personally well and are concerned with, and of sharing our solutions and learnings.

Creating true value which respects the planet and all life forms must be more important than maximizing profit (often at the cost of generating waste / scarcity).

Together, let’s design what feels right.

Let’s be makers who work with heart and mind.

With the right questions and the right methods, we can transcend any obstacle together.



Neṣem Ertan – 0033. 6 77 27 16 24