Identity Coaching information

I coach individuals looking to :

  • get to know themselves better and affirm their identity for an anchored, fulfilling life guided by love and key values
  • finding and defining their mission, meaning and path
  • finding their passion(s), talent(s), singularity and expressing them authentically
  • choosing their studies
  • changing their profession or developing their professional or entrepreneurial project

My approach is mostly based on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and Ayurveda’s Doshas and Praktiti (balancing forces and natural constitution). It consists in understanding the human, our body, our brain, our nature and guiding for alignment. We are each unique and complementary. Finding your voice and place frees your flow and potential to attract abundance in your life.


Key info

  • 1h of free info-meeting on request
  • Coachings can vary between 5 to 15 sessions (depending on your purpose and wish)
  • Each session lasts 1h15 and is followed by a recap e-mail
  • Price  : 90 euros / session
  • Coaching mode : web video call (skype or whatsapp)
  • I travel frequently between Paris, Luxembourg and Istanbul. Coachings can be face-to-face depending on where we are.


Who am I ?


I am an RNCP certified coach (personal and professional) since 2015 in the field of « coaching of the being ». My expertise is based on behaviour science, psychology and all holistic approaches of human and nature.

My initial background being in strategic planning / insights / Design Thinking, I also coach people working on entrepreneurial projects through the development of their vision and first strategic phases.

Neṣem Ertan – 0033. 6 77 27 16 24