What are the Hudson cycles and in which one of them is my life or project ?

Mr Hudson suggested some time ago that we constantly go through 4 phases in life. Knowing in which one you are will help you understand what you need to lead this phase in peace.

In the first two phases, we feel highly energetic ad thus active. In the following two, we feel low energy.

First, we know what we want to achieve. We have a clear goal and feel positively motivated to move forward. We learn what we need to learn, find the resources, manage time, connect with the right people. It can be about building a family, going on a holiday, making a new table for your kitchen, or launching a business.

Once you achieve your goal you feel good. But that satisfaction does not last forever. You will either need something new, or maybe you were after the wrong goal all this time! Life is about continuous creativity with pauses in between steps. In that second phase, you will get mad because you worked so hard to achieve happiness in the first phase.

Once you accept and digest that fact, you will get to phase 3.

There you will question things. If you are not that person who was doing that project, then who are you ? You will need to give yourself time and space to take things slowly and one by one. You will need to be gentle with yourself. You will sort out your thoughts, beliefs, redefine your key values, what you love, what you need, who you truly are and what gives meaning to your existence. Once you have those answers you will plant them as seeds into your own grounding.

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Phase 4 is the hardest for the “human animal” ! 🙂 It is about not doing…

It is about simply living life, following your appetite, until those seeds grow and express themselves through you as an obvious new idea, a new project. Because the square 3 was so uncomfortable, you may have tried to jump forward to step one, by trying to find new ideas and projects. But wisdom will teach you that the ideas you looked for are not the best ones. Pure quality finds you. You best ideas will come to you and bring abundance to your existence on the long term.

Once you will have gone through a deep phase 3, you may go again through the cycles of Hudson, but those journeys will become more about small updates. The storm of a first spin is quite violent. But once you’ve done it, it gifts you with a beautiful ability to find inner peace. 

My approach to coaching is about taking you by the hand through phases 3 and 4, so you can clarify who you are and ground yourself healthily and grow abundantly. 



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