What is an insight and how can it guide my solutions ?

The word insight is useful when you are looking to develop a pleasant experience or useful solution to improve a frustrating experience. 

The insight is the heart of the need. It shows you what you must take into account to make sure the result is satisfying.

For instance, if someone wants to lose weight, they could find a trendy diet on the internet and give it their best shot. But there are many reasons to why this person wants to lose weight and to why he.she didn’t manage to reach that purpose on their own until now.

If the person wants to lose weight to finally wear the clothes they like, the motivation is not the same as another person who needs to lose weight to avoid health problems such as diabetes. Their motivation is different and if the suggested solution is to be long lasting, this needs to be taken into account. 

More importantly, the reason why they couldn’t reach the purpose before may have been “having 3 different jobs and no time to buy or cook healthy meals”, or “not knowing what is healthy and what isn’t”, or even “the feeling of loneliness in the evenings at home pushing them to comfort food”.  The main need may not have anything to do with losing weight. If that base is not taken care of, the symptoms will not disappear, or will simply change their shape.

This is why before designing or choosing a new solution, one needs to make sure they know what they want, why they want it, and what is making it hard for them to get there. 



Nesem Ertan // RNCP certified Coach – Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy Abundance Design, Identity & Vision Coaching 

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