What is cognitive behavioral therapy and why is it useful for all of us ?

Cognitive means this approach is about your “thoughts” and “behavioral” means it is about the way you use those thoughts to make decisions and act. CBT is about understanding what types of thoughts and beliefs you have developed through life, so we can sort out the ones which are useful to you and the ones which limit your life potential.

By focusing on and clarifying your purpose, we can look together for what you need “more of” and “less of” in your life, in order to get there.

Just like a smartphone, we too are driven by operating systems, which are the webs of interpretations, beliefs and learnings which lead our minds. They too need to be updated.

When a child is bitten by a bunny, he.she may interpret “A = nature is dangerous”, instead of “B = I need to get to know an animal progressively before I play with it as I want”. The first interpretation is limiting. It makes you live in the fear of nature and creates an impossibility to truly bond. The second one offers you a useful learning and a path to possibilities. Transitioning your system from A to B is a choice you can make.

CBT is used in coaching to unleash your power to think and behave positively and constructively and design the life which fulfills you. You may have beliefs and thoughts you are unaware of and which keep you from even considering some beautiful opportunities.



Nesem Ertan // RNCP certified Coach – Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy Abundance Design, Identity & Vision Coaching 

 // Français – English – Türkçe


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