What is my Prakriti and how can it help find my place amongst others?

Prakriti means “natural constitution”. This is the identity with which nature brought you into the world. We may all have different physical appearances, cultures, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations… but there is one thing we all have in common. We are all the creations of this planet, and thus, of nature.

The best way humans found to learn anything about anything was through observation. Ayurveda, means “science of life”. Our ancestors observed nature and all its components for over 5000 years. They saw how everything is made out of air, water, earth, fire and space and how they interact. No one can say they popped out of thin air one day. We are our planet.

But each human is a different natural recipe. Our physical and personality differences, come from there as much as they come from our life experience, education and habits.

We were born with a “prakriti”. Some are more “windy”, get cold, curious, agitated, enthusiastic ! Others are more fiery and passionate, love to lead, to touch, to decide, to convince ! Some are more down to earth, and love to love, to take care, to build, to focus, make, take time…

We have what is called “doshas”, meaning, “what can get out of balance”. We all need these three forces (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in our lives but rarely have 33% of each (for a total of 100). Life teaches us to balance ourselves through time in what we excess or lack. 

No need to be “spiritual” to use the Prakriti as a tool. Just take the quiz and see how the results will explain the ups and downs you have experienced so far in your life (you can also make an appointment to do the interpretation with me). This book will also be able to enlighten you a lot if you too fall in love like me with the notion of Prakriti.

We have gifts in certain areas. It is important to know that personal comfort zone waiting to be nurtured. There are things that are simple to us, interesting, easy to learn, while it requires much more effort for others. We can develop our talents in those areas instead of trying to become someone we are not, and become useful for ourselves and others, ground our strength in our natural power-source. 

This is why getting to know the “natural you” is a great start in designing your life. You are like a unique lego piece with possible connections to others. If you are good in having ideas because you are a Vata and I am good at making stuff because I am a Kapha, our legos fit together and let us complete each other. Finding and developing our passions, choosing the right path of studies or professional project.. all of these get much simpler when you know your constitution.




Nesem Ertan // RNCP certified Coach – Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy Abundance Design, Identity & Vision Coaching 

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