4 key emotions and their meanings

Emotions are actually the traffic lights of our lives. They tell us what we need to do in a given situation, to move forward in peace and joy.

Meaning You are in touch with something that is nurturing for youYou or someone else is disrespecting your rights / needs.Something is putting you in danger or may do so in the future.Something you enjoyed is no longer possible for you to enjoy.
What to do ?Accept the gift and let it nurture you. It may lead to you learning and growing.Determine which need or right is disrespected. Put the right boundaries to protect your well being.Verify if the danger is real, and if it is then protect yourself by preparing / fighting / changing directions / asking for help / gathering resources / slowing down…What has ended ? Has it really ended ? Is the impossibility 100% absolute ? If yes, take time to slow down and let you mind process the news, take time to accept it and when ready, move forward.

We often ignore what our feelings are here to tell us.

That is why we would rather ignore them, but they are actually greatly rational tools which help us make the right decisions.

When something excites or disturbs you, make it a habit of asking yourself what you felt and why you felt it. What was your interpretation of what just happened ? Are you sure your interpretation is correct, and are your thoughts useful, positive and constructive ? Does it make you feel empowered and good in any way to think that way ? If yes, then listen to the need your emotion is pointing out and take care of yourself.

Only by communicating better with yourself can you communicate well with others. 😉


Nesem Ertan // RNCP certified Coach – Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy Abundance Design, Identity & Vision Coaching 

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