Abundance Design

“An Abundance Designer is someone whose self-expression and therefore projects are empowering to them and to their ecosystem. This can only be possible when one is aligned with their Nature.

I coach creatives and leaders to find and express their truths in their projects using both holistic approaches such as Ayurveda, but also coaching (CBT, systemic approaches) and design tools (strategic planning, Design Thinking).

Through 10 years of experience, I have developed my own methodological frameworks: The Tree of Flow and Abundance Design.

Be you so we can be us.”

Neṣem Ertan – Certified coach, strategist and author

Abundance Design coaching steps:

  • Determining your natural constitution with the help of an Ayurveda check-up : knowing your genetic areas of talent and imbalance helps us determine which of your skills and passions you should empower in priority, what are the ideal roles for you to play in society, which leader you have the potential to be and which lifestyle and relationship changes would help you find a greater stability and balance in your life and projects
  • Analyzing your story: exploring the keystones of your past life helps us reveal your best and worst experiences, what drives your “joie de vivre”, what makes you uniquely beautiful, what is essential to you, which challenges made you grow the most and what it is that you have the power transmit to others
  • Analyzing your cognitive and behavioral patterns: in this step, we explore through professional coaching tools if their are any limiting conditionings or beliefs in your mind programs which could keep you from self-realization. Through a personalized roadmap and with methods that are both fun and inspiring, we empower your system to make sure that you are free to flow towards self-realization.
  • Determining which Abundance Designer you are: we use the information revealed in the first 3 steps to fill the Abundance Design formula and find out what your organic playground of expression is, what your higher and ever motivating mission is, which passions and talents you will use to contribute, how you can best tell your story, who you should connect with and which resources you want to attract to yourself and to your project and what the ideal steps to be taken are.
  • Flow check-up: using the Tree of Flow method, we scan various areas of your life and project and determine if any of them may need specification, empowering or cleansing. You are taught to autonomously do these check-ups at each new cycle of life personally and professionally.

If you are interested for yourself or for the members of your organizations, you may contact me: ertan.nesem@gmail.com.

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1. A new approach for conscious brands

Each leader has a unique biological potential, a field of natural skills which are easier to develop. There are specific areas in which it is more pleasant and meaningful for us to connect and collaborate with others, to complete each other and be stronger together.

Furthermore, your life has allowed you to develop key values, passions and a sense of personal mission.


These notions combined give their meanings to our projects. An organic brand or organization is the fruit of that synthesis.

I offer an in-depth coaching to such leaders and leaders-to-be, to help them see and understand their own natural potential and help them contribute to our world from that essence. I started my career as a strategic planner in 2009. In 2016, I became a certified personal and professional coach. Today, I combine these two fields of expertise in a unique way, using Ayurveda and the Prakriti (natural constitution analysis) to complete my approach.

I start my analysis with an Ayurvedic constitution quiz which allows me to understand how your genetic constitution influences your mental and physical abilities, your temperament and your cognitive and behavioral tendencies. This way you learn to place your natural strengths at the core of your roles and projects while always backing yourself up in the areas where you will need support.

Our economical and social systems need to evolve towards a direction which will be positive for all living beings. Being 100% aligned with your truth is the best thing you can do for yourself and your environment. That’s the most ethical and optimal way to fulfill yourself while cocreating a better world.

That is why I have called my approach Abundance Design.

Let’s do this together.


2. The philosophy and the science behind it

–> Towards a holistic business mindset

“There can be enough of everything for everyone if we free the invisible hand of Nature.” Nesem Ertan

I am passionately convinced of this.


In 10 years of professional experience, I’ve had opportunities to act as a thinker and a facilitator with multiple hats. I started working with companies and progressively my focus shifted towards humans, fauna and flora.

My “hats” have been: strategic planning, branded content, design thinking, insights analysis, cognitive and behavioral therapies, systemic therapies, coaching, natural constitution analysis, flow, positive psychology, ecopsychology … 

Companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and all the leaders out there are influencing the way our systems shape the world. We can now come together and learn to design for balance by adopting a holistic vision.

–> What is Nature’s Invisible Hand ?

Adam Smith talked about this concept suggesting that markets would always end up self-balancing supply and demand. While our economic systems rarely seem to find optimal balance, Nature evolved for millions of years on our planet and developed an invisible hand : an intelligent biological ability to evolve, reinvent and balance itself. 

Every life form is guided by their senses, their emotions and their genetic instincts towards that which is compatible and complementary with them.

Just think of how oranges look tasty to you when you have a cold. Your system, when it is properly functioning, knows what is good for you and guides you towards it.

When each being navigates the world by listening to these inner voices of organic wisdom, Nature’s Invisible Hand is at work, continuously reinventing and balancing itself.

Each time we “lie” or mask the truths, something goes wrong.

Just think of how processed food makes it impossible for our senses to read the nutrients for what they are. The same problems happen when a child is forced to study subjects their body and neurons are not naturally attracted towards. 

We were taught not to listen to our organic compasses. That’s why we lose our ways and start harming ourselves and our Home.

When companies try to produce whatever “will sell the most” instead of designing what we naturally need and love, we also disturb local and global Balance. 

We need to learn that creativity is not something we need to provoke.

A healthy being evolving in a compatible environment is naturally creative just as a healthy tree produces leaves, flowers and fruits just because… it is being itself.

Ideas and projects are meant to manifest and take shape organically, in harmony with others when the time is right and when the dots get connected.

Just as we try to maximize and speed up agricultural productions, we try to disrupt, hack and innovate constantly by exploiting our neurons and end up feeding a dysfunctional system which harms us all.

By reconnecting with our Truths, we will become the seamless co-creators that our planet and cohabitants deserve.

We need to realign with a natural rhythm of life: Explore, experiment, digest, create, take a break, explore, experiment… start over. But we tend to produce, produce, produce all week and consume, consume, consume during the weekends and holidays. When do we digest? When do we allow our nature to process everything and let it guide us? We don’t and it disrupts our Balance.

We are out of sync but in today’s world we have all the knowledge we need to find our ways back to it. We need to focus, organize and share that knowledge.

The Abundance Design Formula is: Need + Love = Envision = Make & Connect.

Together, let’s do the right math for our own good and for our planet.


— Neşem Ertan //

RNCP certified Coach & Strategist & Author


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