Professional Experience

Nesem Ertan helps individuals and organizations find, embody and express their authentic truths through their lives and projects.

  • Since 2009, Neşem has worked with brands and companies of all sizes as a strategic planner, workshop and training facilitator, as an insight analyst and an identity expert.

A few examples: Groupe Publicis, Betc Digital, Passage Piéton, Leroy Merlin, 14 Haussmann (Groupe Média Figaro), CreativLink, Groupe L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, Groupe Pierre Fabre, Leroy Merlin…

  • Since 2016, she is an RNCP certified personal and professional coach (major of her promotion at Serenity Institut Paris).
  • Between 2016 and 2020, she has worked as a Design Thinking coach for the students of Master2 Creative Design Branding at the College of Iscom Paris.
  • Since 2018, she has been collaborating more and more with social entrepreneurs, social businesses and associations such as Simplon, Prépsy, La Ruche and their incubated talents, “Les Audacieuses”. 
  • She facilitated two webinars, in 2020 and 2021, with the House of Entrepreneurship of Luxembourg (Chamber of Commerce) in the following theme: Embodying your values through your digital communication strategy: how to optimize engagement as a conscious brand #Business4Good

She graduated from the University of Paris1 Panthéon Sorbonne (2004-2009) from a sales strategy program (Master 2 – Stratégies Commerciales et Politiques de Négociation). Working in sales has never been her dream nor project, but if you ask her how she ended up in that program she will probably tell you that she was attracted by the theatrics of the sales contests. Once a hummingbird, for ever a hummingbird am I right? (Private joke for those who have read the section “Her Art;))

— Nesem Ertan

// Français – English – Türkçe

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