Personal Coaching

Who is it for?

I coach individuals who want to discover and understand their natural identity and their personal potential, people who want to find balance, to nurture, heal and express their truest selves.

This way, they can lead a conscious life which they design to fulfill themselves.

What we can work on together:

  • Determining your natural constitution, your natural areas of ability and what you need in order to anchor your life balance (with the help of Ayurveda’s Prakriti evaluation)
  • Determining your cognitive and behavioral programs and helping you transcend blocks and wounds
  • Exploring what makes your heart sing (activities, subjects, skills..), your playground, your life path, what makes you flow
  • Exploring your Flow Identity (who you are and what keeps you going, your creativity, your vision and sources of inspirations)
  • Understanding your emotions, communicating optimally, building fulfilling relationships
  • Personal empowerment (self-love, self-esteem)

We will be using the Tree of Flow framework, which I designed, to build up your coaching folder progressively after each session.

My approach

Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies, Systemic Therapies, Ayurveda’s doshas/prakriti, Ecopsychology, amongst other key coaching tools. I use The Tree of Flow, which I designed, as my coaching canvas.

Our natural compasses are meant to lead us through our senses and emotions to a life of peace and joy. Unfortunately, they are often polluted by limiting beliefs and fears. With the help of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies, we can train our minds and heal our compasses. 

One key mantra to memorize: “I am what I love”

Love connects us to people, projects, activities and environments which we are compatible and complementary with.

We will follow a coaching roadmap called the Tree of Flow which I have designed (more details about it in my book : My Life Coach is a Tree). It will allow us to make a mapping of your “needs” and “loves”, so you can free and empower your Flow and become your own best lover in the long term.:)

Sessions take place through video calls and last 45 minutes (65€) or 1:30 hours depending on the need (80€). If you would like an information session, please just write me a request e-mail so we can schedule one, and tell me shortly about what motivates you to take on this fun journey with me.

You may take an appointment here:

— Neşem Ertan // RNCP certified Coach, Author & Strategist 

Abundance Design, Identity & Vision Coaching    

Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy 

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