Her Art

1. “Travel by interview”

Neşem Ertan has loved words since her childhood. To her, they each have a specific flavor.

Kinaesthetic by nature, she lives to feel. It is her gift to explore others’ stories, translate them into emotions, help them tell their legends, reveal their nature, their identity, find the right words through a process of maieutics. She loves more than anything to see a person through what they are ready to reveal.

She connects with her interlocutor during an intensive interview. She lets herself be transported and visualizes the paths which have been theirs. Question after question, she helps rebuild the streets and alleys, the villages and continents of their universe, of that flow which led them here and now, to be the authentic self that they are.

Her brain gathers the signals and connects the dots.

She helps highlight the parts of their stories that are unique and universal.

  • That which is unique in one’s story enriches the world and becomes an essential contribution. It feeds global diversity, creativity, abundance.  
  • That which is universal in one’s story allows us all to feel empathy and connect, be an ecosystem, be One.


An artist such as Marina Abramovic explores the limits of human bodies and minds in a unique way through her performances.

The universal part of her story allows us to see the human in her, the part that feels closer to us although she is a star. When she talks about her childhood trauma, how her parents were strict and made her feel unsafe and unloved, how she lacked the freedom she needed, we can all feel for her, feel like we understand her.

She transformed the best and worst parts of her existence into an art form, into an authentic expression and that’s what makes her so fascinating.


2. To dream or not to be

“Under the right light, each being has the potential to be fascinating.” Nesem Ertan

Being fascinated is Neşem’s favorite thing, what she enjoys transmitting, her know how.

In the 34.567 companies (approximately :p) where she worked as an intern, where she strategized or had a coffee, the positive feedback she received was always the same: “inspiring”.

Through the past 10 years of her career she was also able to realize the less spectacular parts of her personality, like her inability to fill in Excel sheets or to focus on one subject at a time.

But that’s ok! Her spirit animal is a hummingbird and birds are meant to fly.

Her favorite moments in her collaborations?

When her interlocutor tells her: “Yes! This is exactly who I am! That is so true.” with the look in their eyes of a person who is finally seen for who they are, someone who finally found the words they had been looking for for an eternity.


3. Understanding a system and how it functions

Once you get used to gathering signals and connecting dots, to traveling through someone’s world as you would in a foreign land, you automatically learn to do so also on various territories.

With a surprising appetite, Neşem can therefor study and explore within a day or two the dynamics of a new trend, the behavior, the hopes and dreams of a population, the behind the scenes of a social phenomenon, the dos and don’ts of a rising market. 200 slides of analyzing and digesting later, she will prepare a short presentation which she will storytell with moxie, looking right into the eyes of her audience to enjoy the power of shared enthusiasm.

Her Vata dosha is what gives her such levels of joy (if you don’t know what it means here is a video about Ayurveda). Also, this bird was named Neşem by her parents, meaning “my joy” in Turkish.

What do you think? Is this all a story of coincidences or of causalities? And what is your answer telling us about who you are? Would you like to be interviewed? 😉

— Neşem Ertan

// Français – English – Türkçe


youtube : https://bit.ly/3lrkK27

instagram : @iamwilove

twitter : @nesemertan