Her Mission

It was tears of joy which led Neşem on to see the path of her own flow. The tide would rise within her each time she saw a group of people uniting, enabling self-love for each-other, marching and singing together.

When watching the movie Selma or the episodes of Queer Eye, Yann Arthus Bertrand’s documentary Human, or when she would be marching herself for secularism, for women’s rights, or for LGBTQ+ rights as an ally…

She who was 5 when she thought her identity was being “the stranger” could now see that Nature was mother and home to all of us.

Her mission: showing anyone who is ready to see that we are different but also similar, that we are trees but also a forest, that we are individuals but also an ecosystem.

Her dream: connecting as much as possible with humans of all kinds of paths, loving them unconditionally during an interview and telling the world the most unique and universal parts of their stories.

— Nesem Ertan

// Français – English – Türkçe


youtube : https://bit.ly/3lrkK27

instagram : @iamwilove

twitter : @nesemertan