The Book

My Life Coach Is A Tree

The Anatomy of our Natural Constitution

All creation in Nature is co-creation. Every life form is connected to its environment. We are an ecosystem.

To find our way back to Balance, we humans need to observe its laws and learn to live by them. The Game of Life is about fulfilling our Nature within and without. Let’s observe what we are, so we can be the best versions of who we are.

My Life Coach Is A Tree studies Nature’s laws and puts the pieces together in an easy-to-understand visual analogy: “The Tree of Flow”.

This book aims to empower those who want to better enjoy Life on a personal level and help heal our world collectively.

Nature is the common ground that helps us all connect beyond our cultural and social differences. Its truths are universal. They encourage diversity while always reminding us that we are One.

Neşem Ertan has worked as a communication strategist and design facilitator in Paris since 2009, and was certified to work as a coach in 2016 (European RNCP certification). Her methods are based on cognitive and behavioral therapies, Ayurveda’s natural constitution analysis (Prakriti), holistic and systemic approaches and highly inspired by ecopsychology. She coaches individuals and organizations seeking to find their truths, to nurture and to express them optimally. She uses the Tree of Flow as a coaching canvas, a guide and an evaluation tool.

  • Understanding my natural identity
  • Finding my path
  • Ecopsychology
  • Balancing myself and our world
  • Healing our world
  • Doshas, Natural Constitution, Prakriti