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Types of services: Personal and professional coaching, team workshops, training, insights analysis inspirational talks, coaching conscious brands and social businesses in defining their identities and expressing their full potential through their communication, organization and connections

Key subjects: Identity, finding one’s path, their vision, revealing and expressing their creativity, fulfillment, natural constitution and knowing oneself, balance, communication, community, ecopsychology, peacebuilding

Here are a few photos of her latest workshops and trainings with brands, communication agencies and social incubators:

Services, types and prices

Type of consultingDeliverables, average duration and price
1. Identity exploration interview
(solo or team)
3 hours + 1 day of analysis, digestion and transcription into a 10 to 15 pages long document + debriefing meeting

550€ for individuals, artists or entrepreneurs
Please ask for an estimate if you are an organization

2. Personal fulfillment and flow coaching: Finding your balance, your path, your playground, your meaning 
via Google Meet or Skype video calls

Methodology: The Tree of Flow ©

Key approaches:
– Cognitive behavioral therapy
– Systemic therapies
– Ayurvedic natural constitution types (Prakriti)
In average an objective is reached within 10 to 15 sessions
The sessions last for 45 minutes or 90 minutes

Deliverable: A completely personalized coaching book with the details of the work we have done and of the information we have revealed, the steps that were taken, the new anchored habits and beliefs, visions and goals for the future, etc.

65€ / 45 minutes
80€ / 90 minutes

+15€/ session for producing the deliverable (coaching analysis document + debriefing and summary e-mails)
3. Identity and Flow coaching for conscious brands, entrepreneurs, leaders: defining your gifts, your vision, your mission, your project, the key steps to be taken, your place in your community, your voice, your key co-creators

Methodology: Abundance Design©
TBD together

Price for incubators and organizations:
700 € / day 

2 hours long coaching sessions for solo entrepreneurs (+ recap document): 170€
4. Inspirational talks and workshops (About the book, about notions such as diversity, identity, inclusion, eco-psychology, nature’s intelligence, co-creation, virtuous community dynamics…)Please ask for a tailored estimate.
5. Insights analysis.
Desktop research, analysis and possibly interviews to study a trend, a market, a group of people
Please ask for a tailored estimate.
6. Co-design workshops and trainings
Teams will learn how to determine the right insights and generate new ideas according to Design Thinking steps
Please ask for a tailored estimate.
7. Freelance writing
 – interviews with artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, leaders and activists
– helping auto-biography authors determine key events and dynamics in their personal stories
Please ask for a tailored estimate.

Curation of questions, cocreation and Design Thinking

As a strategic planner and a certified personal and professional coach, Neşem can ask you an incredible quantity of questions in a record amount of time:

  • ones which will help you unblock whatever was putting a stop to your progress or slowing you down on your path,
  • questions to activate necessary changes (cognitive, behavioral, individual or collective beliefs)
  • and also others to help you define your vision, your project, the key research and development steps, the right co-creation buddies, the right members for your tribe

…until you can give birth to a fruit which will be fulfilling for you to create and also nurturing for your environment.

Neşem loves to identify as a rational utopian. She is convinced that the future of our world will be drawn in the hands of conscious and constructive co-creators who live for love and create with determination: people she calls Abundance Designers.

She no longer accepts strategic planning missions nor writes recommendations for branded content campaigns. She intervenes punctually to empower your team with her key deliverables.

Please contact her by e-mail or through LinkedIn for any of your enquiries:

— Nesem Ertan

// Français – English – Türkçe

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instagram : @iamwilove

twitter : @nesemertan