Flow Coaching & Becoming Me

I will coach you via Skype video calls, to better understand and know yourself and self-realize through your life choices (life style, relationships, your studies, your creativity, your projects and life mission).

My approach is one of “slow coaching” :

  • Slow” because we will progress on your own pace, explore your story and past experiences, your feelings, and free you from the conditionings which limit your potential to fulfillment, anchor the needed changes in your life, take your power into your own hands. I will teach you, when necessary, about the dynamics of human behavior and psychology so you can better navigate within yourself and through life.
  • Coaching” because we will progress forward in a positive and constructive manner together. Although it will be a slow coaching, this approach is an active one. You will move on, act, transform and evolve towards a more peaceful and joyful life. (During our first meeting, we will evaluate your needs and determine together if coaching is what is best for you right now or if psychotherapy would be a better fit.)

My key tools : maieutics (which consists in me asking you the questions which will help you give birth to your own truth, to find your exact words), cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT), the approach of Prakriti which was gifted to us by Ayurveda (“science of life” in Sanskrit) which I use to help determine your natural constitution and multiple methods of coaching and positive psychology.

I have developed my own approach and tool inspired by the laws of Nature : The Tree of Flow©. We will use it as a guide and a canvas to fill through our sessions.

You will need two notebooks :

  • One to take notes during our sessions, our conversations, analysis and exercises.
  • A second one to use as a coaching journal and write your thoughts and summaries between sessions to better anchor the learnings and the changes

There are no pre-determined numbers of sessions. We will define your purpose, exploratory path, frequencies and numbers of sessions together. You will be free to let me know 48h in advance for any changes.

Contact me through e-mail at ertan.nesem@gmail.com or by phone at 0033-677271624 to ask for a free information session.

Before I studied at Serenity Coaching Institute Paris and became an RNCP certified coach, I’ve had a career as a communication and design expert. My former experience as an “insights expert” is being very useful today as I coach individuals for their personal empowerment.



Neṣem Ertan

ertan.nesem@gmail.com – 0033. 6 77 27 16 24