Flow Coaching : I am what I love

In my coachings, I help people explore who they are through what they love !

Everything that is inspiring, attractive or fun to you gives you hints on your needs and your potentials.

Our natural compasses are meant to lead us to a life of peace and joy, but they are often polluted by limiting beliefs and fears. Through tools of CBT (Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies), we can train your mind and heal your compass. 

To fully benefit from your coaching, the process requires you to be in an active, positive and constructive dynamic. If you are going through a tough period in your life where it is difficult to keep a high energy and motivation, you may prefer to work with a psychotherapist. 

Love connects us to people, projects, activities and environments which we are compatible with. Progressively, it allows us to play our Life Game and fulfill ourselves, learn through joy, grow.

Whether you want to find meaning, your path, your passions, your creativity, your power, the people to share love with, ways of increasing abundance in your life, make better decisions… These purposes all depend on bringing your focus on one thing : defining and being what you love. 

We will follow a coaching roadmap called the Tree of Flow which I have designed. It will allow us to make a mapping of your “needs” and “loves”, so you can free and empower your Flow and become your own best lover in the long term. 🙂

Sessions take place through Skype video calls and last 45 minutes. If you would like an information session, please just write me a request e-mail so we can schedule one, and tell me shortly about what motivates you to take on this fun journey with me. 😉

My e-mail : ertan.nesem@gmail.com

I have been an insights expert since 2010 and I am an RNCP certified coach since 2015. I believe Nature designed us well and by listening to its laws, we can learn to live our best lives, individually and collectively.


Neṣem Ertan


Photo by Don Hainzl from Pexels