Les entreprises Opales se comportent comme un organisme vivant. Leurs best practices : autonomie/autogouvernance, affirmation de soi/plénitude et raison d’être évolutive.


Voici un article pour découvrir les « actions besoin », « actions estime de soi », « actions valeurs », « actions amour et créativité », et comment trouver ses idées de changement/exploration pour les réaliser.

How to generate a self-learning ecosystem

I love to think about what our nature requires before I look at the “limits” of our systems. What would any employee need to learn better?

From my readings and experiences, here are the two types of drivers for any efficient learning process I came up with : need driven vs joy driven learning.

My people, my world, and what really brings us together

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when I travel abroad, I usually think like this : “So what happens in this foreign land ? What beauties and traditions do they have that we don’t? What can I taste? What can I learn and bring home?”

So, as positive as it may sound, there is still this you / me separation. This is their land, and they are some other people. Deep inside, it’s been a few years that I don’t believe that separation anymore.

The « want game »

This freedom I have been wishing for my whole life (since school days) is now mine. The space it gives me in my mind and life, is both a challenge and the greatest of gifts.

Body comes first

Do not take too seriously (or receive life changing advice from) any person who does not take care of his or her body’s main needs : eating well, doing energizing and calming sports, sleeping well, living in nurturing spaces. Here is why…

Le Design Thinking dès l’Ecole

Depuis un an, je fait partie de l’équipe de 5 coach (Sylvain Cousinard, Chloé Prigent, André Lomuscio, Marc Touati et moi-même) qui accompagnent les étudiants en alternance du Master Creative Design Branding à l’Iscom. La nouvelle saison commence dans un mois et hier, nous étions en kick-off avec la nouvelle promotion. L’idée : chaque coach…