Hello there !


I am both a certified life coach and a strategist working with companies.

On both sides, I help you define your goals and find the right methods to bring your own solutions and creativity to life by unleashing your potential.


Self Love / Finding your path / Developing personal fulfillment and creativity

I have developed a game that takes you from where you are, step by step, through a journey of better self knowing, and balancing of your body/mind/soul, to the realization of your personal paradise through your life. First we meet to have a conversation and see if what you expect meets with my approach. If you are ready for a coaching and interested, we give a go. A coaching usually lasts between 2 to 4 months, but it depends on each individual. it can take 3 sessions, like it can take 15.

Sessions last 1,5 hours and cost 80 euros.



Design Coach & Insight Expert / RNCP certified Coach

and also : trainer, strategist and Workshop facilitator

Clients : Leroy Merlin International, Accor Hotels, Le Figaro, Pierre Fabre, Bucherer, CreativLink + individuals


Why should we collaborate ?

-The same challenges lower your teams efficiency and your solutions and tools don’t seem to work

-You are losing your creative value and differentiation on the market (unique value proposition)

-You have potential (talent, assets) that needs to be unlocked with the right methods

-Your teams are losing their sense of engagement towards your organization


1/ Design Thinking Workshops

  • Design of : content, services, processes, products, events, applications, tools.
  • Through proprietary insights to solutions technique and tailored brainstorming methods


2/ Creative Efficiency Coaching (team and/or individuals)

  • Improving the company’s talent management system
  • Bringing meaning into each one’s tasks and missions according to the organizational vision
  • Understanding the motivational dynamics in your teams and better stimulating them
  • Working on tailored creativity tools that fit your key performance indicators and goals


Also : tailored trainings on this skill set.

Pricing on demand.


Nesem Ertan