My people, my world, and what really brings us together

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when I travel abroad, I usually think like this : “So what happens in this foreign land ? What beauties and traditions do they have that we don’t? What can I taste? What can I learn and bring home?”

So, as positive as it may sound, there is still this you / me separation. This is their land, and they are some other people. Deep inside, it’s been a few years that I don’t believe that separation anymore.


Qu’est ce-que la vie si ce n’est un voyage ? La vie est le droit d’exploration qui nous a été donné.   Nous progressons chaque jour vers un monde dans lequel chacun peut prendre conscience de sa liberté, où les enfants n’héritent plus des peurs de leurs parents, où l’humain se désidentifie de son ego pour…